SaraBay Returns The Storm To Stonehedge
Sire:  CAN CH SaraBay’s Thunder TDInc
Dam:  SaraBay’s I Pad Is Here THD
Whelped:  12/10/2011
Hips GR-109947G25F Heart GR-CA26597/15F/C Elbows GR-EL303535F25 Eyes GR-EYES471/2

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Call Name – Rainy



Pedigree of ” SaraBay Returns The Storm To Stonehedge “

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
SIRE – CAN CH SaraBay’s Patriotic Thunder TDInc  CH Phoenix’s Forever Thunder  AM CH Oakwood’s Trick Or Treat CD
 Thornfield Saturday Nite Live
 CAN CH Sarabay Stonehedge Aut’m Lace  AM CAN CH Stonehedge Hel’ Ove’ A Storm
 CAN CH Skylie’s Champagne Lace TDI, TDInc
DAM – Sarabay’s I Pad Is Here THD  AM GCH AM CAN CH St Andrew’s Touring Da USA BISS  AM CAN CH Karagold’s Kruz’n Coast T’Coast  OS SDHF BISS
 AM CAN CH St Andrew Just Have To Have It OD
 Harbourfleets Sugar And Spice TDInc  AM CAN CH Ridgepond Amberac Back In Time
 CAN CH Harbourfleets Repeat Performer