We have had the pleasure of having a Teller puppy become a Therapy Puppy – a Diabetes Detection Dog.  Kim Sanders Barch bred her girl Cahoots to our Teller, and when she was looking for “Forever Homes” for the puppies, this was what she found.  We are all very excited for both the new owners and our breeding program.  Please take the time to read about this fantastic experience as Kim has described it as follows:


Today is a 1st….
Light pink girl is headed for an adventure! First, she gets to hang with her new family. ( Thanksgiving Mayhem).. Saturday she will fly to Biloxi, Miss. to start her special training with Alexa White to be a Diabetes Detection dog. (She passed all the initial little tests…yeah! )
Many of my pups have become therapy dogs or live with special needs children, however I am truly honored that one of the Cahoots /Teller ( Cheri Stager’s male) Pups was picked for this task. Declan is a 13 year old boy who lives here in Michigan…He is very excited about getting his new friend. She will be being trained for over a year but will visit him often to strengthen their bond. He Decided on the name
Windover’s Gonna Be Sweet ” Sugar” Clearly he has a sense of humor… He said he just wants her to love him. I promised she would…..Great day for sure….This is why I love being a breeder………


Sugar begins her journey today. Let’s hope she handles the flight to Boloxi,Miss.ok. I am sure Declan is going to miss her. Looks like they became fast friends. SUGAR is going to be trained be a Diabetes Detection dog for those of u who missed my earlier post.. Safe travels little one
..Good Luck!


Meet Sugar: The dog that might save a life
Caray Grace
Posted: 12/03/2017 9:56 PM


BILOXI, MS (WLOX) – Meet Sugar, a four-month-old golden retriever puppy who is being trained as a diabetes alert dog.
“This is actually my second diabetic alert dog, and the other one also went to Michigan to my 17-year-old cousin,” said Alexa White.
White is a professional certified dog trainer who has trained K9s to assist with a variety of conditions. Right now, she’s in the beginning stages of Sugar’s training.
“We start with this kind of ball. It has a canvas bad in it with a cotton ball that her owner soaked in his saliva when he had low blood sugar,” said White.
Sugar belongs to a 13-year-old Michigan boy with diabetes. She’s been trusted to White for the next 12-15 months for training. When she’s finished with training, Sugar should be able to not only sniff out a diabetic emergency, but even retrieve necessary items for her owner.
“Luna can retrieve an orange juice out of the refrigerator from any room in the house and bring it to my cousin when he is having a low blood sugar to raise his blood sugar,” said White.
Sugar will also undergo some pretty intense obedience training since she will likely accompany her owner everywhere he goes.
“The first few weeks we teach them muscle memory so they learn that’s where they’re supposed to be,” said White.
White’s other dog, Frank, is being trained to be either a bomb or cadaver dog. She plans to contract him out to assist law enforcement.
Trained service dogs don’t come cheap. White says it can cost anywhere from $20-30K for training.
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